El Dorado County Sheriff's
Search & Rescue 

So That Others May Live

Our Mission

As members of the El Dorado County Sheriff Search & Rescue, our mission is to save lives and reduce human suffering.  We will give the public the most effective and professional personnel and resources response to search, rescue, and support the Sheriff's Department during disaster emergencies. 

Ever Wonder what El Dorado Search and Rescue Does? Watch this recent Video ! 


Join Our Team

It's challenging. It's a second family.  It's rewarding!

Being a member of a SAR team is demanding.  As a member of our search and rescue team you will be expected to attend monthly training and at least 50% of call-outs. 

If you are looking for the most rewarding of volunteer opportunities we would love to have you.  It is not easy but the rewards are amazing!

We are operationally divided into West Slope and South Lake Tahoe Divisions:
For West Slope call us 530-621-5131 or email join@edsar.org for more information.  You may also visit us at our monthly AllSAR meeting at the Sheriff's Office Community Room (200 Industrial Drive, Placerville) the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm.  Deputies are available for questions and you may pick up an application after the meeting.

For South Lake Tahoe call us 530-573-3058 or email join@eldoradosar.org for more information.  You may also visit us at our monthly AllSAR meeting at the SAR Building (1834 Santa Fe Road, Meyers) the third Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm.  Occasionally we meet at field training locations so call or email almosg@edso.org to confirm.

Support El Dorado Search and Rescue

It takes lots of volunteer hours to maintain our unit. It also takes funding!

Maintaining a volunteer search and rescue team is cheap on salaries, but it still requires funding. 
Technical training, equipment and expendables is considerable for a Search and Rescue.  Over 50% of our budget comes in the form of donations. 
If you do any charitable giving, consider donating to us! 
Donations are tax deductible when made through El Dorado SAR Council (ESARC), our 501(c)(3) organization.

Federal Tax ID: 68-0097526

Send Donations To:

El Dorado Search & RescuePO Box 721Placerville, CA 95667

You can also  Donate through PayPal  or Venmo - our id is @EDSAR 

If you buy on Amazon please consider making us your preferred Charity  at smile.amazon.com to El Dorado County Search and Rescue Council Inc