The Mounted Team, formed in 1973, is comprised of a group of dedicated horsemen and women who want to use their expertise to help people in need. The group felt that the unique abilities of the horse would be an asset in finding lost persons in and around El Dorado County.

The main advantages of horse and rider team of mounted searchers are greater mobility, better vision, higher load-bearing ability, and increased sensory resources from the animal itself. Members must own a horse or have one available at all times. They must also have a safe form of horse transport.

The members are trained in CPR, first aid, map & compass, man-tracking, crime scene investigation, and search techniques, in addition to their horse training. The horses and riders are required to pass many requirements to ensure that they are safe and capable of performing the tasks required of them.

On occasion, mules are used in addition to or instead of horses in search and rescue efforts.