Canine Team

The use of dogs in Search and Rescue efforts is a valuable component in natural or man made disaster, wilderness tracking, and locating lost persons. Dedicated handlers have State Certified canines to assist in locating the lost and missing. These highly trained dogs enhance the search effort by their ability to detect scent from a long distance and in adverse conditions. Search dogs can find a missing child in the wilderness, in the water, track persons with dementia gone missing from a facility, find live people in collapsed structures, locate a skier in an avalanche, assist Sheriff Officers with crime scenes, and locate human remains.

The canine Handlers undergo a rigorous training in Land Navigation, use of map and compass, Scent Theory, First aid and CPR, Radio Communication, Mantracking, Helicopter Safety, and Operating under the Incident Command System. In addition the canines are trained in obedience, safety commands, and undergo a series of testing to become certified in their selected discipline. Ongoing training is required to maintain certification and assure the canines are duly responsible for carrying out the search function.

Any high drive canine can be trained to be a search dog with proper discipline, dedication and training. Training generally takes two to three years and is rigorous – not for the faint at heart. The job is tough, but the rewards are great. We strive to bring your loved ones back to you and your family!